This applet will enable you to build and test statically determinate assemblies.

Build up your assembly in Edit Mode, which you are in when the button 'Toggle Edit' is highlighted. Then add 'nodes', which are all pinned connections, by clicking '+Node'. Press '+Node' again to stop adding nodes.

Add elements between nodes by clicking any two nodes. You must add at least one force, one pin, and one roller for the solver to work. Click '+Force', '+Pin', or '+Roller', then click the node you want to add it to. Using 'Clean Node' will get rid of any force or support.

To move nodes, deselect 'Toggle Edit.' Click 'SOLVE' to activate the solver. Now you can move nodes, move forces, and watch the forces in the assembly change dynamically. Mouse over any support, force end, or structural element to get the internal force inside the element and the length of the element (in pixels, each grid square is 20 pixels x 20 pixels).

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Source code: truss1 Matrix

Built with Processing